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The Dell Inspiron 7000 is Dell’s newest line of Inspiron laptops. The Inspiron has been around for a number of years, and has always been known as Dell entry level budget laptop. Well, Dell has changed their game significantly with the release of the 7000 series.

The full specs can be found here:

I won’t go through a lengthy review of the hardware, simply because you can find those all over the place already. Suffice it to say, it packs Intel’s 4th generation Core processors, SSD and standard spinner hard drives, and the standard DDR3 RAM.

Let me share a little secret with you: the majority of users out there don’t care about the hardware specs. That’s the basic, honest truth. People don’t care about DDR3 this and cache that. In most cases, it’s because people don’t know what those things mean. There’s a vague understanding of speed, but that’s about it. It’s like if you didn’t know much about the inner engineering of a vehicle engine, yet I started talking about a horizontally-opposed engine vs a V-design.

I will tell you what users DO care about though: interaction. They care about how the keyboard feels, how the laptop looks aesthetically, how heavy it is, how thin it is, etc. So that’s what I’m going to focus on during this review.

As I said earlier, Dell has changed the game with this new Inspiron 7000 series. Apple laptops are popular, in large part, because of their aesthetics. They look nice. They feel nice. The keyboard feels really, really good to type on. In the Windows world, we’ve really been lacking when it comes to a well thought out design for laptop hardware. With the new Inspirons, this has changed.

Firstly, we look at the case. It’s not plastic. This is a huge departure from the norm of what we expect from Dell. The case is full aluminum, which both feels good and is pleasing to the eye. The laptop is 15.3mm in height, which is not razor thin like the Macbook Air, but is thinner than the Macbook Pro, which is 18.0mm in height. The 14” Inspiron model weighs 4.40lbs, where-as the 15” Macbook Pro weighs 4.46lbs, so very comparable.

The screen is also a huge departure from the norm of Dell or even Windows laptops on a whole. The Inspiron 7000 series features a full HD edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass NBT touch screen. Yep, a glass screen. And trust me, it looks awesome. It’s not quite the resolution / crispness of Apple’s retina display, but it comes pretty damn close and is very nice on the eyes.

The keyboard has small chicklet keys, which have a short travel distance. Overall, I found typing on the keyboard to be a very pleasant experience. They keys are not very noisy, although they do have a bit of a ‘squishy’ feel to them at the end of their travel. There are 2 levels of LED brightness settings for the keyboard. Unfortunately, not every key is backlit with its own LED, so some keys will display brighter than others. While it’s still very easy to see all the keys in pitch black darkness, it does detract an ever small portion from the overall beauty of the laptop.

Overall, this laptop series significantly changes the game for notebooks running the Windows operating system. No longer do we Windows users have to look at Mac users with aesthetic envy. I hope that Dell, now a private corporation again under the direction of original founder Michael Dell, continues down this path and encourages other manufacturers to get serious about the ‘looks and feel’ of their portable computing products.


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    Good review, and kudos to dell. As a long time latitude user, looks pretty nice.

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