Are computer programmers the wisest people on the planet and do computers think?

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That’s a debate whether they are the wisest but I tend to think so. A fact about computers is that they DO NOT think! A lot of people have an illusion that they do. Artificial Intelligence is entirelly a different concept and I don’t know much about it but as a programmer, I know normal computers that run windows, mac, linux e.t.c DO NO THINK AT ALL!

But why don’t they think?

The so-called brain of the computer or CPU only follows exactly what a programmer dictates. What a programmer dictates is called a program or a piece of software. This is a sequence of instructions which the CPU executes mechanically that is; turning some switches on and of repeatedly without thinking or understanding. The switches are millions in number and are called transistors. The switches are wired together such that an output from one switch can turn another switch on or off. The CPU is so complex to understand that I wouldn’t even try to study everything about it.

On the contrary

According to me computers are dumb. We program them and God knows what we go through to come up with a meaningful program. Computers are not even like little babies because at least babies can understand a thing or two e.g recognizing their mum 🙂 . When creating a program, you have to outline every single detail explicitly that a computer should do to accomplish any task.

Imagine a situation whereby you tell someone to walk. You simply say walk and the person walks. If you had to tell the computer to “walk” you’d say something like:

  1. Stand up straight. You’d go ahead and explain the process of standing up straight.
  2. Lift one of your foot, step forward and put it put down. You would explain what lifting means  and what you mean by stepping forward. You’ll also have to explain what putting down means.

It would take me a couple of days if not hours for me to actually explain what the computer has to do or technically write a correct algorithm that would make it “walk”. An algorithm in programming is an unambiguous, step-by-step procedure that terminates after a finite number of steps; we don’t want to count procedures that go on forever.

If a programmers would get a “dumb” machine to walk, wouldn’t they be the wisest in the world because they actually  thought really hard to come up with an algorithm ? Steves Jobs (R.I.P) once said “Everyone in this country should learn how to code because it teaches them how to think”


William Oneb

William Oneb is Java Programmer, Android Developer, Web Designer and is currently studying Objective C. He has developed at least 3 wordpress plugins/widgets. He is interested in iOS development too.

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  1. Anastasios Barianos June 17, 2014 at 4:09 am

    Wisdom has nothing to do with all this process. Being able to create an algorithm that will dictate to a computer/robot/whatever how to walk/add numbers/whatever is a matter of intelligence, not wisdom.
    As for computers, they are often referred to as dumb, but I disagree with such an approach. It can not be intelligent, not dumb, just like any other item. It is a lifeless bunch of mass., therefore the existence or absence of intelligence is completely irrelevant. Even artificial intelligence is nothing more than lines of code, human work predicting situations and programming a system to respond accordingly.

  2. ebey June 30, 2014 at 8:37 am

    Ur definitely right…but the concept still makes great sci fi movies….but what is ur opinion on merging man and machine…would that make u…superior… Or just dum way for govt to control us…or something like that…

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