Review of System Mechanic

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Review of System Mechanic

I received one of five free licenses for System Mechanic software by iolo, since I am a frequent Geek Brain Dump writer and expressed interest in reviewing this software. Overall, I like System Mechanic, but the user interface is a bit difficult to use. The order of operations was not as clear as it could be, making it less user-friendly.

To the left is a screenshot of the user interface that I took (I hope that is legal). On the left of the screen shot is where you can jump from page to page to access different tools to improve your computer’s performance, though that can be a bit confusing, it takes a bit of time to get used to but is not that bad. You can scan for problems and fix them. It scans for potentially unwanted programs (PUPs), and programs that start on boot up, stops fragments from even happening and can release unused stuff from RAM and the CPU. The software can defragment your hard drive, clean and condense the registry, clean out temporary files, and other various minor operations too numerous to list. My computer does very much need an upgrade, but this seems to be a good addition to my clean up routine that I run. If you have Solid State Drive (SSD) do not defragment it because a SSD can only be written to so many times.

I think this will be a good piece of software to tune up a small business’s computers, especially the business edition of System Mechanic. Geeks do like their computers in the best operating status possible.


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