How DigitalOcean Changed My Life

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Everyday I thought to myself how great it would be to run my own linux web server for my website as in a VPS or Dedicated Server box, but I never had the skills necessary to complete this until I stumbled upon DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean allows to you create “droplets” which are individual VPS with your own IP, SSH access from the others in under 60 seconds! It also has a few diffrent price points as in $5, $10 all the way to $640 a month which is a excellent solution if you are looking to set up a VPS fast, be reliable and meet the specs that your future website needs.


DigitalOcean’s billing was a little different than you would expect. I say this as they tell you there base price per month and per hour for each VPS “droplet” that you create, but it does not charge you that way. When you create your first “droplet”, DigitalOcean starts charging you the hourly rate that was selected with the plan you created, and will charge you until the last hour that the server existed. I say “server existed” because you can delete and created “droplets” in a matter of a minute. But only get charged for the active “droplet” you have installed and running.


When you get your password and IP address you can immediately login to ssh on your server and start installing what ever floats your boat! There is no propagation times for the IP or server setup times, it is instantaneous. And this is where I discovered the massive amounts of tutorials that DigitalOcean has on how to setup Apache to MySQL to PHP and all the other stuff that your server would need. This changed my life because it gave me the experience I needed on setting up a server for a very cheap price and allowed me to practice. Even if you mess up like I did and accidentally give your secondary user all the permissions over the / folder which made sudo impossible, you can just delete your “droplet” and install another one in it’s place and start fresh!


DigitalOcean has helped me gain some traction and knowledge about server administration and how to setup a VPS or Dedicated Server for a very cheap price. If you are’nt certain this would be the right option for you, than you can go to this website and select a coupon code which will give you a free $10 DigitalOcean account credit when you register and all you have to do is submit valid info and a valid credit / debit card!



Anthony Ciulla

I am a perspective computer science major, I live in Texas and start my classes at UTA in august. I love web design and coding.

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