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Google Fiber as A Internet service provider, yes Google if you don’t know is and will be providing Internet+Television with a program they call “Google Fiber”. For those who don’t know why this is a big deal to us as the common consumer and a big deal to most major city’s Infrastructure’s. Google Fiber will help these big corporations, small businesses and its residents, by speeding up there network like never before.

Internet bandwidth

Now to give you a brief eye look on how better this is, common ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) usually will offer “business class internet” which can range from 30Mbps too 40Mbps. Which is considered to be the best internet that a ISP can offer. Now on the other hand there’s Google Fiber which Is and will be offering a Gbit/s per second connection(1,000Mbps) Internet bandwidth for upload speed and download speed.

The purchase of Google Fiber

Keeping in mind that Google Fiber will offer Internet+Television they say after purchase of Google Fiber it will include some hardware like, A Nexus 7 tablet as a Remote, TV box, Network box and a Storage box (DVR). Also including a 2 TB DVR Storage and be able to have 8 simultaneous recordings possible and 1 TB Google Drive storage.

Google Fibers Locations

Though Google Fiber sounds great and all that. they have planned to bring Google Fiber only to some City’s which are only thirty four of them. The States Google Fiber so far will be going into are, (USA) Arizona, California, Georgia, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. If you want to know the city’s that will be used in these state’s you can refer to this link: Google Fiber. Now the reason why they can’t just come into any state and city and start placing fiber everywhere is simply because they need permission and they need each area to have a fiber-ready checklist. To give them a way to plan out how they will set up fiber in the city’s.

Google Fiber as a Infrastructure

Depending on whats on the “Fiber-ready checklist” is what determines how and were the fiber will be placed, some underground as well as on electricity lines. When having Google Fiber set up in major city’s for the residents this will speed up our daily lives on many levels one of those is with our bandwidth usage like streaming, gaming, hosting, etc. Again with having a Gbit/s bandwidth, you will not need to wait when simply opening up a webpage(If there host is good) and for example downloading a movie that’s 3 Gigabyte’s in size would download in about 24 seconds and most problems will no longer exist. As said before there’s allot to Google Fiber and more to come.

– Christopher K. Mckinstry
Date: 6/14/2014
Age: 17
My Facebook: Christopher Mckinstry


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  1. Dennis Yap June 15, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    A ‘3gigs’ file is in all likelihood, a 3 gigaBYTE file, not a 3 gigaBIT file – so no, it won’t be a 3 second download.

  2. Tom Patch June 15, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    Good info! I can only hope Google fiber comes to my area in the near future.

    I did want to point out one thing though, you are a bit mistaken on the speed when you mention the 3GB video. Bandwidth speeds are measured in gigaBITS while storage is measured in gigaBYTES. So you have to keep in mind that a gigaBYTE is 8 times the size of a gigaBIT. So the truth is, it would take closer to 30 seconds to download a file of that size, but still really fast!

  3. christopher Mckinstry June 15, 2014 at 10:27 pm

    Thanks guys I mentioned to others that I made that typo and would fix it if I could…

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