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Can you really see it the day has arrived, gushing with tears of joy now all the hard work that you put in a well earned reward can be given. The entire summer you worked endlessly at that minimum wage position, but now you can stick your chest out and be a proud owner of a macbook pro!

That was me at the age of 17 when I purchased my first mac book pro, and fortunately enough I was not working a minimum wage job I was on a high speed track of a contractor working with multiple clients in serving telephone system, computer system and with a good amount of business clients I could of quickly called and started making real money right away. When I first purchased my macbook pro it was hefty decision not only because of the price but also for the learning curve of the operating system OSX.

Lets fast forward to the present time 4 years later, my macbook pro is not looking to good. I mean it works great for writing code, and most importantly still working. But recently I have gotten the itch to go ahead and purchase the macbook pro for $2,599.00. The price tag of it’s a bit high for my current budget, but I know that I can get one I just have to figure out exactly how to do it. This is why I created this blog post so let’s get started on how to get a free macbook pro, and see if we can recreate some of those magical moments when I was younger.

That’s all great but how can i get a free macbook pro?

It’s actually easier than you think, some of the easiest routes to get a high price item like this macbook pro is to go out and get a programming job that will pay you a high wage and provide you with guess what? a FREE MACBOOK PRO!

I don’t write code, i’m a hardware guy!

Well guess what hardware guy, go fix hardware because it will take you a millennium to buy this golden apple. If you can change your mind and hop over to the awesomeness of programming check out how to do it in only 7 steps to becoming a programmer.

I cant get a job i’m to young?

No problem, just like me I got my mac book pro at 17 and I worked my ass off completing all kinds of random jobs. So do what ever it takes to get that macbook pro. But but you said it was free? Well in this case the best option would be to beg your parents or out perform in at STEM  and get ready to receive not only scholarships but also a FREE MACBOOK PRO from colleges that will be begging you join there campus.

I am not to young and I am not to old, How do i get a free macbook pro?

Ah the dilemma my friend you fall into my category. You are in one of the strangest places because being 20-30 is some of the best years you will have, if by now if you have not screwed your self with debt or marriage. Than you are FREE to do what ever the hell you want to do! Great, but how do i get my free macbook pro? It’s actually really easy if you think about it, all you have to do is something that is worth $2,599.00 and get paid. By now you should have some sort of skill that anyone will be willing to pay a good nickle for. Now if you can get compensated with a macbook pro that will be a FREE MACBOOK PRO.

What are you trying to get at?

In short nothing is giving to you for free. There is no hack, there is no cheat all there that there is the honest option of getting paid for the hard work that YOU  put in to get that apple. This concept takes a minute to sink in, after it does everything start getting a whole lot simpler.

Couple of weeks ago I was beating my self up, trying to figure out how I can afford to buy this macbook pro trying to squeeze all my pennies together in order to go out and buy from  the apple store but after a 14K lost,  let’s just say the budget is lean right now, than bang! a light bulb went off in my head and I said why am I all worried about buying this piece of hardware? My old macbook pro still working as smooth as butter and my desktop Linux machine is working beautifully then why is this stressing me out?

This is when I said NO MORE! and started to put all my focus into my business and my existing clients, I went ahead and upgraded my LinkedIn portfolio, finished out my site at saltyslopes. Completed out all of my demos and links for downloads for my portfolio items and started to go and talk about my business with real people. Guess what happen? I started to open doors, BIG Doors to be exact I managed to pick up two clients one of them the project scope was way to large for me to complete on a timely manner at a 45K budget. The second one is a much smaller client and currently we are working out a contract for the work, besides this multiple recruiters started to send me notification for a possible positions. I ignored most of them besides one that might actually get me a FREE MACBOOK PRO plus a very well paid professional salary over at Goldman Sachs. Now the moral of the story is not to get to focus on what you don’t have, but focus on what you do have! which are your skills, inner believes and most importantly your geekbrain!

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