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I know am going to face a lot of criticism about this post but please it’s just my opinion, and also please note I have a Linux Manjaro as one of my p I love windows because of several things

  1. A wide variety of help online. There is no single problem in windows that you won’t find by a simple google search online.
  2. The fact that I live in Kenya, it’s so rare to find people with internet connection in their homes, most people view it as a burden they don’t want and also it so expensive even I don’t have one at home. In windows I can carry a flash around and by the end of the day I will find the software am looking for. Not the same for Linux
  3. I love games I don’t have fast internet to play games online and they few games there are I don’t like them seriously they are boring.
  4. I use a lot of multimedia applications I have Photoshop, illustrator, after effect etc. installed there is no software in Linux I can compare with this.
  5. It’s a familiar territory this is one of the reasons I chose Linux Manjaro its windows like and also mint. It’s just easy for me and for most people.
  6. It’s easy to install software: most Linux lovers insist on that to install in Linux you just search for them and install either in console or the software center buts let’s face it its easier in windows you google it download or even run directly next, agree, next, install, next and finish, all done. How hard is that?
  7. I have Linux Manjaro for 4 months now and I can’t find a way to use my finger print device in my laptop.
  8. It’s so hard if not impossible to find drivers although they say come to Linux forget about drivers this is not the case you just can use your devices.
  9. I just can’t seem to understand the way my folders are kept in windows I know it user’s Linux its home but where exactly is it…?
  10. Linux has not yet reached the desktop I can use its more or less complicated, Manjaro and Zorin OS are the only simple and are windows like. But still lack some properties I like.
  11. Libre office cannot be compared to office, its far more better to use Microsoft office and brings less problems, has less bug and does the job right

Although Linux uses far few system resources there are no large software to use the spared resources, so I still stick to windows sorry but am really trying to migrate.



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  1. Michael Chase June 12, 2014 at 8:08 am

    Windows seems to be the perfect Operating System for the wants and needs you have listed. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Although I do run a few Linux distro’s in virtual box, My primary computers are Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Chromebook. Great write-up!

  2. ken Agallo June 12, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    Couldn’t agree more with your post. Its very true when it comes to windows OS – ease of use, software installation, vast number of programs etc makes most people to prefer Windows over Linux. And like u pointed out, in our country (Kenya) internet is quite expensive for one to continually use.
    But then again, maybe that’s your comfort zone?
    The reason why others prefer Linux is coz of:
    1. Security – How confident are you when it comes to windows? always afraid of infecting ua comp with viruses, trojans….
    2. Stability – needs no explanation
    3. Open source – ~80%+ of software that are installed in our machines including the windows OS are not free; but you somehow got em without paying a single cent (wonder how u did that….) unlike Linux software whereby most of them are open source (note I dint write “free”)
    I still think installation in Linux using software centre or synaptic is quite easy: search-select-authenticate-run.

  3. K Nemo June 12, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    I have tried many different versions of Linux over the last few years and I find that Windows is less cost effective when you want to get more software. I also find that using either the console or software center in most Linux distros is much easier and faster than with Windows. Once I know what software I want, I either use a single command in the console or tell the software center to install it. Both will make sure the program in ready to go quickly, while windows you need to manually download, start the installation, agree to any terms, then wait for it to install and hope your have the right drivers and stuff or you wasted your time. Linux does have a massive support group, which is better than I have seen for Microsoft. A lot of the software for Linux is either free or very cheap compared to Windows. Software for Linux is mostly open source, allowing anyone to help improve he software or change it for their own needs. As for your Home directory in Linux, ir is normally ./home/&youraccountnamewithoutanycapitalletters& … for me it is simply ./home/knemo and within that directory you will find your other directories for pictures, documents and such. Also in that directory are the hidden files and directories for the various settings and installed software. I haven’t tried Manjaro, although there is a ton of software available to replace the Microsoft if you wanted. Gaming on Linux can be fun, although I have to admit that I have not found as many games available for Linux as there are for Windows, although Linux games are cheaper. Some Linux distros do have a way to use your finger device, although I have not tested it since I dont have one. While libre office tries to replace Microsoft Office, I find that OpenOffice.org works better, and has a Windows version available. If you like Windows programs and take some time to tinker with wine, or get help online, many of the programs for Windows can still be used. I also like to be able to freely configure my system, which Linux allows me to do more than Windows. With all this said and done, if you still prefer Windows I don’t blame you. It is still force fed to many people and is widely known. If you do want to learn more about Linux, try looking at Linux.org or just searching for linux through google. With enough time learning more about Linux, you might change your mind.

  4. Brian June 12, 2014 at 7:45 pm


  5. Joey Graziano June 13, 2014 at 6:09 am

    Great write up! I am a Linux/Google OS fanboy, but I can totally see your point. Keep up the good work!

  6. DualL-devel January 21, 2015 at 4:50 am

    A few commnets from a linux-user:
    1. At least for major distributions there IS a LOT of help online.
    2. linux without (fast?) internet is NO fun, i agree.
    3. you DO have a point here. sadly. (there is still Steam for linux)
    5. If you have something different, you have to use it differently. Linux cannot replace Windows, but can (IMO) do much better if you accept its different (instead of trying to rebuild windows)
    6. installation on Linux: google what you want, find the package, install
    8. drivers for what?
    9, Is that even a proper sentence? (I would’ve liked to answer, but i barely understand whats standing there.)
    10. linux mint? (just another suggestion) i use openSUSE with KDE and find way more lacking things on Windows8.1 (at work)
    11. I’ve heard this argument multiple times: what is better at Ms Office (I find Libroffice more usable)

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