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Gravatar is a “Globally Enabled Avatar” that is integrated with WordPress. It is basically an icon or image you choose to represent your self on the sites you frequent. The advantage to Gravatar is that most online communication software already supports it (as well as several frameworks), so as long as the Gravatar account is associated with the email you used to register it appears on the site with out any extra steps.

Example: Below you see a picture of me sitting in a tiny chair. That is my Gravatar.



How to sign up for a Gravatar account:

    1. Depending on the regional settings for your computer you will need to go to one of the variants of The site will redirect you to a sub domain based on language settings (, etc).
    2. Sign up for a account via the “Sign In” link at the top right, and then select “Need an account?”
    3. After completeing your registration you will be brought to the add an image screen. You can upload an image, provide a link to the file, or take one with an attached webcam. Choose the option appropriate for you. grav
    4. You’re done! After the image is uploaded will go out and ask for your Gravatar, this may take several minutes to populate through so please be patient if it does not change immediately.


 Further Reading from the WordPress Codex


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