The first step to becoming a programmer. Read this and start coding today!

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Hello, I have been doing development in the enterprise arena for the last four years and I often hear people talk about how they can get into programming and what languages should they learn.

Often times people debate over Java, C#, C++ etc. I am here to tell you about a truly cross platform language that is used by nearly every single device that is on the web. This language is JavaScript. It was originally designed as a scripting language. However, now you can use JavaScript to make application based decisions and not just listen to triggered events. This modification is what arguably defines a programming language.  Using technology like WebGL enables JavaScript to make fully 3D rendered images for Game development or whatever else you fancy. Also, JavaScript is not limited to run inside of your browser. Using the extraordinary popular Node.js framework you are able to create applications that run outside of the browser ON ANY DEVICE! (Disclaimer: This also requires knowledge of HTML and CSS). Did I mention that JavaScript is responsible for animation and all non static functionality on web sites?

JavaScript is an Object oriented language (OOP) with a very small learning curve. This will not only let you start making web apps in little time, but also introduce you to  the same programming concepts used by;  C++ObjectiveC, Java,C#PerlPythonRuby and PHP.

I am in no way saying this is the only language you should learn. But in my field of work as a Cloud based web consultant, my knowledge of JavaScript has put more money in the bank than any other language I know. It is also used by EVERY device on the internet! You are not limited to one platform.  This same statement applies to mobile devices. Competence in Javascript allows you to make apps for iphones, Android, Firefox (Browser and OS), Chrome (Browser and OS, Windows, Apple. just to name a few.

I know what you are asking, how do I get started?    
Here is a way to learn for free.I personally recommend to learn the basics, then move on to codeacademy . Then started looking for projects to make! Also, bookmark  the official W3C web site for documentation/training/code examples/ Below is some handy info. Comment if you have any questions!

Handy Links:
Javascript games
3D rendering with Javascript
mobile based web application with Jquery 
Amazing sites built utilizing JavaScript from my buddy at StarCoreLabs

Current Fanboy-ism: node.js Bootstrap framework, 


Joey Graziano

IT Generalist and Cloud computing consultant for the last 10 years with over 20 years as tech consumer and geek. I am beta testing a concept called Tech Frugality where I will write posts or compile posts that empower people how to use technology to destroy poverty! Upon interest, there will be a web site etc. I am looking for more ideas please share your opinion!!! Follow my on my Social Channels! (Links below my pic.)

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  1. Dave Hansen June 13, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    thanks a bunch Joey, for info and heads up. cheers mate

    • Joey Graziano June 14, 2014 at 1:37 pm

      My pleasure! I’ll have more intro to programming courses/advice posted shortly.

  2. Sanjish July 4, 2014 at 3:51 am

    Thanks Joe Sir, I get an opportunity to know about the programming language. i have just complete my Diploma in Comp engg and i am heading to BE on Comp.Sc and just looking for what should to be learn further education with future success.. Now i want to learn JS because of your view. and i guess it will also help for my further studies..

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