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As a programmer I find learning new languages very easy, this article am writing is for all those newbies out there or anyone who wants to start programming here is what I did. First of all you have to learn C language not that you are going to use it all anything, but it is a good background to have and also almost all languages are derived from it. (This is just my perspective and you should not judge me for saying it but I believe it more or less). The fact that C has almost all the things you need to become a basic programmer and it is easy and simple to learn.

When you are done with C I assure you will find it easy to go to any programming language out there they are many and am a pro to only a few. The other day I was learning PHP and I found it to be so easy, I borrowed from C most of the concepts. I look at the exam after two 40 minutes lesson and I could answer 80% of all the questions. True story.

So if you are new and looking to know as many programming languages as the next person here is where you should start then maybe C++ procedural to learn classes and then off you can fly to any language you want and when you get its syntax you can actually skim through lessons and get certification in many programming languages.


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