Creating a Data and Voice Network on a CAT3 Cable

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If you walk into a older home there is a possibility that you already have CAT3 cable laying in the walls for your house for your phone line. What if you could split that to carry both data and voice?

Well I did this as a test in my household with parts of my house that did have CAT3 wiring and I managed to get 100mbps throughput while having my voice network on the same cable.

For a standard telephone line you only need one pair (two wires red and green). While at CAT3 cable will have 3 pairs in total leaving two pairs left over.
Shown below is an image displaying the standard two pairs on a RJ11 telephone tip.

On the other hand there is also the data network. Now this network by specification only needs two pairs to operate to provide 100mbps connectivity

Putting it in one Cable
So what I ended up doing was I put the Data on two pairs and then the telephone on one pair which ended up like this.
IMG_20140611_165311 IMG_20140611_165402

There you have it. Not a pretty way for getting Ethernet connectivity but it works.




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