What is FOSS?

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Free and Open Source Software(FOSS) is a type of software that is both open source and free. When stated that the software is both open source and free it is to say that it is free to use, copy, study and change in any way you want.
The source code is also openly shared and people are encouraged to improve the software.

Some benefits of FOSS are:

  • Reduced software costs
  • Increased security (generally)
  • More control over your own hardware
  • If you want to learn programming you can edit some software and
  • join the developer community

Linux is an excellent example of FOSS. Linux is built by the community for the community. There are many different versions or distributions of Linux that have broken off into there own different entities. Linux after initially being released in 1991 it has broken off into many different distributions and now powers servers, desktops, phones and many other devices.

Much of the FOSS software is licensed under the GNU General Public License(GNU GPL) which was published by the Free Software Foundation. The GNU license allows people to use, copy and change the software that is licensed with it.

Free and Open Source Software is widely available and there probably some sort of FOSS that can do what you need.


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