Every Geek Needs a Good Budget

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Last year I took a budgeting class offered at my church. The lady teaching the class was probably in her 80’s, her wit was sharp and the principles she taught were sound… and on paper. She taught a method that made better sense than anything I had been taught in the past. And it worked! But the paper method did not fit the life of this geek. What’s a geek supposed to do?

I had tried many software budgeting programs in the past but I never found one that made sense for me till last year. I found GoodBudget.com and discovered it lined up with the paper method taught by the little old church lady that was working so well for me, so bye bye paper.

What made sense on paper and GoodBudget translates to digital quite well, was the concept of earmarking funds. That made the difference between success and giving up. It allowed me to know how much I’m spending or savings in each category, and not just a month at a time. The saving part was either lacking or hard to use in other software but was easy to use in GoodBudget. An example of this was saving for winter heating costs. I would earmark money each payday for electricity and had plenty to pay the higher amounts in the winter.

GoodBudget also has a well thought out smartphone mobile app. I’m able to see how much money is available at a glance and record income and spending as it happens. What is particularly noteworthy is the offline syncing of data. If my mobile device is without an internet connection, I still see the balances in each category and can record income and spending. Offline data gets synced next time the app is open and connected to the internet.

Like any software or paper system, it only works if designed and used properly. I think Good Budget is a well designed software solution. The rest is up to you.

As a technology professional, recognizing well designed solutions helps me to be thoughtful as I design systems whether for myself or for clients.


Philip Housel

Phil Housel is the geek for hire at Cornerstone Technology Services and technical director at Abundant Life Foursquare Church, responsible for computers and networking systems, web development, live audio video and lighting. These opportunities have helped him to become a well rounded technical professional. He is aspiring to become a web app developer creating solutions for small and medium businesses

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