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Pinegrow Web Designer

Being an avid user of Adobe GoLive CS then CS2, using Dreamweaver always seemed a waste of time. Why? Why spend TWO to THREE days putting ONE page together when you could build the page layout in and hour, if not minutes?

GoLive CS2 was underrated. It is now an out dated, still powerful, but no longer for sake nor supported program. Not by Adobe nor Microsoft Windows.

This is where Pinegrow comes in. It’s 70% of what GoLive CS2 was, with a graphical code editing interface and up to date code.

It also allows Multi-page editing to make sure you have continuity across your pages. Even more? You can use elements.

For less than $60 ( personal) and less than $200 (company license), Pinegrow is a great deal.

You can edit WordPress templates and Bootstrap. ANYTHING HTML.

I recommend this to everyone who’s a little interested in web design or making and intranet for their work or home (in conjunction with the USBwebserver app).

I recommended it to a fellow GoLive user when her Mac was updated and GoLive would no longer run. She bought it, loving it so far. Took some time to learn as anything new to you.

Pros: Price, pulling in ANY HTML file, even noted on the web, you can get down and dirty with code immediately and it’s all organized nicely.

Cons: You need to know some code, look it up on the web, they update often, is that bad or good?

OS: Windows and Mac


Warren Galloway

Warren Galloway is a currently a freelance multimedia web designer. Is that even a title any more? Digital Media Specialist - You Want it Digitally, I can do it. "Eli for President, we should be happy, but also very afraid."

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  1. Kelter June 11, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    How can you edit WordPress templates with Pinegrow?

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