Geek Brain Dump Useful App Reviews: iDraw

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Geek Brain Dump Useful App Reviews: iDraw


Similar to iMockups, iDraw is a graphics and illustration program. It allows you to make mock up of apps and floor plans. But the main draw is the use of vectors.

You can use digital brushes, pens, line tools, erasers, shapes and import photos. It a GREAT app on iOS and can be used as a ‘portable’ version of the OSX version of the same name.

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This app is geared toward anyone who designs or wants to design on the go. The interface is not ‘too friendly’, but pro. Meaning it gets the job done. With time and effort, once you learn the tools, it’s as friendly as a those nice worn-in jeans you love.

I truly recommend it for serious artists and designers as this is not to be confused with an image editor. Yes, you can cut images up and such, but do not think you can take a photo and then manipulate it to say take one thing and put them it in other areas and blend them in easily, i.e. Take a person, cute them out and put them on another background.

It’s a great top of the line graphic and illustration design program.

OS: iOS and OSX


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