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Now a lot of people like getting things for free and a lot of people participate in pirating software or downloading them from torrent sites.
You can download a lot of proprietary software with cracks and patches from file sharing and torrent sites but you don’t really know what you are getting from these sort of sites. Remember if you are downloading hacked software there was a hacker that hacked it.
What is stopping that hacker manipulating the software to install their virus or botnet on your PC when you install the pirated software.
If that isn’t enough to stop you from using pirated software, imagine if everybody downloaded the software and didn’t pay any money for it. Now how would the people that make the software pay the programmers or even have any money to keep going. The software would now stop being made as it is no longer profitable.

Now there is an alternative if you want to use software for free.

Open source software is developed by the open source community. Anybody can be a member of the open source community, all it means is that a group of people have created the software and released it to the public under one of the open source licenses that allow people to use and edit the source code. Depending on what license the software is under you can use the software for free and you can edit the software to suit your needs. Full terms of open source can be found at
If you want to find free software to use an excellent site for free open source software is you can find nearly any sort of software on source forge and most of it is free to use and free to edit.

Some of the open source software I use are:
Mozilla Firefox
VLC Media Player

If you are interested in using open source software just download it and give it a go. Usually the community support is pretty good and if you are having trouble with it you should be able to find help on forums.


Jake Gardner

Jake is an IT Consultant/Systems Engineer that works for a business that offers services to SMB clients. He runs his own business that delivers solutions geared towards online marketing and web design.

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  1. Peter June 10, 2014 at 11:00 am

    That was really great. That’s why I think Android is the number one mobile OS. Its free and anyone can edit the source code and use it. Linux is the future of computing .

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