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Mobile Application Development is the hottest area in IT. So I guess
some of us at have tried their hand in learning iOS Programming or Android Programming. See my previous post and see the salary levels yourself. I’d advice that start learning Android Programming if you really love coding. I swear it’s gonna be tougher ahead and you’ll have to be patient to get things right and working.

The beauty of Android is that you can start programming using any
platform – Windows, Mac, linux. This is because it relies heavily on
JAVA — a cross platform programming language.

The PROBLEM is when you’re a complete newbie at learning Android, setting up the tools could be a nightmare or take too long and leave you frustrated. It actually took me a week or two. Another issue is that there is way too many options to set up the tools. I find this confusing.

So today I’m going to show you the easiest way to set up tools to use
for android programming.

Getting the tools

  1. Download JAVA Development Kit (JDK) for your respective platform — windows, mac or linux at
  2. Download Android Developer Tools (ADT bundle) for your respective platform — windows, mac or linux at

Setting up the tools

  1. Install java
  2. Extract the ADT bundle and Restart your computer

There you go! Your are now ready to start android programming!

Please comment below and let me if you’re experiencing problems
following the steps above. I’d also like to know how many mobile
developers or wannabes we have at so that I post more on Android!


William Oneb

William Oneb is Java Programmer, Android Developer, Web Designer and is currently studying Objective C. He has developed at least 3 wordpress plugins/widgets. He is interested in iOS development too.

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    I love this, and I really need to know more about android coding

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