How to start windows 8 in safe mode and solve some problems

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I was TESTING a Joomla! component on my WAMP server when this
localhost server just FAILED to start all the services. The localhost
server turns green when online and some other colors when offline or
starting. I really wanted to have this component up and running on

I tried re-installing WAMP server on my windows 8 computer but for
some reason WAMP server folders could not be overwritten. So I decided to delete the folders and try re-installing. This did not amount to any help because for some weird reason the folders were still in use even after exiting the WAMP server. I restarted my computer but still the folders could not be deleted or overwritten.

I know you’re wondering why not uninstall the server? The problem is
if I uninstalled the WAMP server some folders would not be deleted. I
wanted a clean re-installation.

The only option left was to BOOT windows 8 in safe mode and delete the folders. It actually worked!

However unlike the previous windows versions, you DON’T press F8 and have your computer boot up in safe. So how do you do it?

Booting windows 8 into safe mode

  1. Search for “safe mode” and click on “settings”
  2. On your left, Click “Advanced start-up options”
  3. Scroll down and click “Restart Now”
  4. Now click “Troubleshoot”
  5. Click on “Advanced options”
  6. Click “Start-up Settings” and then Click Restart
  7. Under “Startup Settings” Press F4

There you go! Now windows 8 boots into safe mode! Safe mode can help you continue working on your projects if for instance you have a
deadline and your machine has been compromised by malware such that it’s running very slowly.


William Oneb

William Oneb is Java Programmer, Android Developer, Web Designer and is currently studying Objective C. He has developed at least 3 wordpress plugins/widgets. He is interested in iOS development too.

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