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Have an app idea or want to layout a website with visual widget icons?

Then iMockups is the app you are looking for.

Users can have multi page documents that represent and app’s screens or a website’s pages. You can also import photos, but be warned, that increases file size.

You can export pages or the entire project to:

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • BMML

Though it is not right off, straight to the point, it’s great on the go once you understand the interface…


  • Sliding icons up and down to browse the collection.
  • Tapping on the left to call new pages, resizing and organizing.
  • Adjust to resizing widgets.

It is a breeze and much more straight forward.

This app is truly for designers. I will state you can use it for more, such as floor planning and such, but the widgets are more for app design. But those who can use basic shapes can get creative, though I don’t suggest it. Meaning, you could make an extreme Tetris Tutorial or even CandyCrush Strategy Guide, but there are other apps that are more efficient.

Note: You DO NOT export apps or websites from this app. It’s a layout mock up app. Best way to think is Power Point, tap/click, next screen, and so and so on.

Pros: Awesome quick professional layouts on the go.

Cons: Put in the 20 minutes to learn the program’s controls and GUI. It feels forced if you use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, but very appreciated once understood.


Warren Galloway

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