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Documents by Readdle

Are you tired of going through iTunes to transfer files to your iOS device? Not just music, video and photos files, but even ALL formats of files?

This app is the best app as it is a WiFi USB FLASHDRIVE, without the wires.

Do you want share files with others? And you are out and about, where wifi is available? You can host files for your friends, workers what have your given secure login will be able to access the files on the local server of this app on your iOS device.

You are given a local IP address to access while the app is running. You can set up security to lock it and no one can access without the login.

Trust me, if you are a web developer, one day with this app and you’ll wonder why haven’t you and your fellow designers had not downloaded it sooner.

If you are a photographer, this app will work wonders far better than iPhoto when it comes to making and deleting collections of photos!

You can even compress and zip files.

This app is worth it! Try it today!



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