Why Technology is Harder than Plumbing (and Harder Than You May Think)

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When you hire a plumber, you know what they are doing, just fixing broken pipes or whatever. When you hire a programmer, do you know what in the world they are doing? Some people just do not understand technology. I have found, with no offense, elderly people tend to have a harder time doing simple things with technology, like using a simple tablet computer with which I have absolutely no problem. Older people seem to have a harder time knowing where the back button is or where the on button is than people who have grown up all their lives with computers. I know this should go without saying, but…just saying.

Most people do not understand a programmer’s job and have unreasonable expectations of what should be done. To some, it may seem that a programmer magically waves a wand and the problem is solved. It actually takes quite a bit of work to solve a problem. Plumbing is different; most people have a grasp of how the job is done, they just do not know exactly how. Most people do not have single clue on how to program or troubleshoot computer errors or how to install an operating system.

People do not understand when a problem cannot be solved. They think it is the fault of the technician when, in reality, it is the their fault for buying a two hundred dollar computer and expecting it to function as well as a twenty-seven hundred dollar computer and that all computers are the same. If you walked up to one of these people and asked the difference between TCP/IP and BIOS, they would think you were speaking some Klingon dialect.
These are usually nice people, but they make crappy clients.


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  1. Mike Smith June 11, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    influencing blog, like the way you compared and talked about technology and how saavy or not savvy people can be. Hiring a plumber might be not complicated but definitely hiring someone to fix computer needs great caution. by the way in plumbing world we also hire computer engineers as well=_)
    People might need to get everything cheap and affordable but that can not be the case always. Also sometimes programmers really charge higher than expected to just fix a small issue, such as installing an operating system.
    It can be a great world if people keep their promises and be honest. will it be like that?? –

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