Virtual Machine Snapshots

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What are virtual machine snapshots?

Virtual machine snapshots capture the state, data, and hardware configuration of a running virtual machine.
This allows you to take a snapshot right before you make any change. They also allow a quick way to restore your virtual machine to a previous state.

Why are virtual machine snapshots cool?

Say you want to make a change to a system that is running, you may want to add a service pack or just test out some changes. Then you can back up the whole virtual hard drive, this could be a .vhd file if you’re using Hyper-V or .vmdk files for VMWare.
To do this you usually have to shut down the VM and then back up the file.
Now with snapshots you can just make a snapshot of the running virtual machine withoud needing to shut it down or waiting for it to copy the virtual hard drive file. The snapshot also allows really quick rollback.


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