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Why the C920

I needed( or wanted) a HD webcam that could capture 1080p video at a decent frame rate.
I did a lot of research and for the cost of around $80 I found the Logitech C920. All of the other competitors where over $100 and they seemed to be an inferior product.

Video Quality

The video quality has proven to be very good. The auto focus is not too bad, but if you have bad lighting the autofocus and the video quality seems to go down. The frame rate at 1080 does go at 30FPS and makes for quite a smooth video.


This comes with Logitech Webcam Software for free which can capture video and pictures and for what it is seems to do the job OK. This software is lacking if you want to edit the videos or if you want to screen capture at the same time. It also have a nice little control panel on the right hand side that you can change your resolution, zoom and change other settings.

control panel

This does integrate into other video capture software much as you would expect. No real surprises there.

What do I think

I am impressed with this camera, for the price it works extremely well.
I have made a couple of videos using this camera and have not had a problem.
As long as you have half decent lighting the camera just seems to keep going a good quality. Sunlight from the window seems to work fine, you don’t have to go out and buy specialized lighting.


Jake Gardner

Jake is an IT Consultant/Systems Engineer that works for a business that offers services to SMB clients. He runs his own business that delivers solutions geared towards online marketing and web design.

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