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Exchange databases can get corrupt if you have a power failure. Also if you restore from a backup you can have what is known as a “Dirty Shutdown” on the exchange database and this will need the database to be repaired so it is not in “Dirty Shutdown” mode.
Usually if your exchange database is corrupt or in dirty shutdown mode you will not be able to mount the database.
To find out if you database is in “Dirty Shutdown” mode run the exchange

PowerShell command: (you will need to change to full .edb database path)

Eseutil /mh

To repair the database run the exchange PowerShell command: you will need to change to full .edb database path)

Eseutil /p

When repairing databases and working with any critical information (even damaged information) make sure you have a backup before you start working!!


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  1. Raul June 20, 2014 at 9:27 am


    Before running the Eseutil /p command, even if the .edb is in Dirty Shutdown, you can still try to “soft recover” it. You can do this by using the Eseutil /r command ( with the required attributes.

    The command Eseutil /p will hard recover, which means that all corrupted data will be lost (there were situations when from a 450 Gb DB customer left with only 100 GB after eseutil /p).

    Microsoft Exchange Technical Lead

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