Phil’s Software review #3 – Ninite UPDATER for easy updates

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Updating software is a must – out of date programs are one of the main sources of security holes in systems, whether they are home users’ computers or giant business networks. Now, software updates can be a pain, especially for users who can’t write scripts – even then, finding the APIs of the different programs can take a lot of time and effort. Hasn’t someone made a program to do all of this automatically with a click of the button, without being intrusive or annoying?, you ask. Yes, and this program is called Ninite updater.

In my last software review, I gave a brief overview of Ninite’s free software deployment solution. Although this software is made by the same company as the deployment solution and runs just as slickly, this is a different program and will cost you a few dollars. I just wanted to make that clear, so nobody gets mixed up.

As you can see in this diagram, Ninite updater just sits there in the icon tray, unobtrusively. No more annoying Java popups asking me to update, no more manually downloading .exes for software like Notepad++, just a neat little icon that checks and installs updates automatically. You can even set it so it works completely in the background – no icon, popups or anything!


If you are a Network Manager or you have a small office with multiple computers that you don’t want to get hacked, I seriously recommend that you buy licences for Ninite Update. The enterprise edition allows you to keep a track of all of your different computers and whether they have installed updates etc.

FCC compliance: Ninite gave me a free trial to review, but did not pay me a dime .This review has not been biased by a paycheck or anything, I genuinely think that this is amazing software.


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