Microsoft’s Cortana vs. Apple’s Siri

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Most of us are familiar with, or have used the ‘artificial intelligence’ (AI) Siri. Apple’s premiere, and sometimes comical, voiced controlled interface, an application at heart, appeared on the 4S. Microsoft will soon release Cortana, a self proclaimed personal assistant, which will debut on Windows 8.1 smartphones. But as as far as AI goes, what’s the difference? and what’s the big deal?

Maybe it’s too many questions to answer at the moment, as we stand, both personal assistances can carry out and understand common language, (including slang). But Cortana has the slight edge over Siri with the ability to have a back and forth conversation. Cortana was able to answer follow up questions where Siri was not.

They both deal very well with contextual information, but Cortana’s debut may have a slight edge a the moment. That is until Apple makes public their deal with Ostendo Industries. Which every may come to the ability of interpreting complex problems and causations can deem itself truly Artificial Intelligence.


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