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To me, Geek Brain Dump is an extension of my portfolio. It’s a platform to display my opinions, technical knowledge and thought processes publicly to a large audience of my peers. That’s much more valuable than a blog on my companies website ( So much so that I’ve stopped blogging on my consultancy site all together and have begun migrating my posts to Geek Brain Dump.

This can present a problem.

People who would normally be using my website are not technical professionals and likely have never heard of They come to my website via adwords, business cards, flyers or other advertisements to learn more about me and my company. It stands to reason that in order to know more about my design and development skills they would want to see my portfolio, which is available on my site. If they want to hire me for the more “higher tier” work like my virtual CTO/IT Director services, they need to know how I think, how I have worked in the past, and what I currently focus on in my consultancy.

Normally, this is where a blog would come into play.

But I’ve found that when I did run a company blog I was compelled to avoid the higher level thinking in lieu of posts that would increase my SEO, driving more organic traffic to my site which should (but rarely does) increase sales. When business leaders come to my site, they want to learn about me as a technology leader in business.

Now I point them to “My Publications” instead of a blog.

In my menu you’ll see a link to “My Publications” and that link follows out to my author page on This is where my clients can see my entire post history, sort by categories and tags and read what my peers are saying in the post’s comments. I think this is where GeekBrainDump has real business value.


Is that crazy?

I’d really like to know what your thoughts are on the topic, it makes sense to me but I could be overlooking something important, please comment below to get the conversation started, and look out for a future tutorial post on how to do this for your self!


Jimmy Simpson III

I work small and micro businesses (between 1 and 75 users). I offer WordPress Development, Virtual IT Director Services, System Administration and Web Hosting.

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