HP Proliant ML350p G8 E5-2609 – Noisy case/chassis fans.

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The 3 x Case hot swap fan units on a HP ML350p G8 server started running flat out when the server was under normal load. Anyone with a recent flavour of HP Server knows it sounds like they are going to take off… anyway I checked all units were seated correctly and all spun up OK.

No JOY– the server would carry out running fans flat out for about 40 mins then would return to normal speed and quieten down only to revert to full rpm after 30 mins or so.

Reboots did not cure, moving fans unit around did not cure. The room temp was at 21C – everything as clean as a whistle.

I contacted HP and to cut a long story short, finally got the right guy who understood the problem and sent links for the following fixes.

HP BIOS upgrade = CP022438
HP ILo4 upgrade = CP022523 – This component provides and installs an updated version of firmware for the iLO 4 Management Processor allowing for continued management support of your Server

Ran both .exe’s and problem fixed.


John R

John Reidy is an IT Manager for a Transport & Logistics Group of Companies in the UK. John’s background is in Network support and design for the Ministry of Defence, commercial premises, Ports and Sea going vessels serving the European Ferry industry. A BICSI trained and qualified Technician and promoter of the methodology for optimised best of breed information transport systems he designs LAN/WAN solutions together with hosted and on premise Telephony PBX solutions. John currently supports 190 users over 8 companies throughout the UK and Middle East supporting all aspects of the business associated technology and infrastructure on a 24/7 basis.

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