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Scanner Pro by Readdle

Ever been at the office and the scanner is out of order, or your client doesn’t even have a scanner? Though you need to scan in a signed document to fax/email it off to another side of the planet in a timely fashion?

Welcome to Scanner Pro by Readdle. This little app, I was testing at the time in 2008 (is the little app that extended a contract with the company listed in my profile).

Sure you can just take a photo of a document, but would you present that to your upper management or CEO of the company in that washed out fashion of an image? Not me.

Scanner Pro allows you to align the document so that is it taken perfectly in very few tries in good lighting. At the time, I was using an iPod Tough 4th Gen. Perfect image shot for my manager who emailed the document to Headquarters in California.

I recommend this app to EVERYONE to have it in your back pocket. Even if you only use it once, it will be well worth it.

Will it replace your scanner? If you are cheap person who want to spend the time scanning in documents. Actually, it can, depending on your device and your hand if it is shaky.



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