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Doodlecast Pro by zinc Roe

Doodlecast Pro is a GREAT ‘screen recording’ app. Let’s be clear, it is NOT recording your screen, but recording your actions within the app itself.

What does that mean?

It means, what ever you do AFTER you press the RECORD BUTTON in the app, it records whatever you do in the app, like draw, import photos, talk during the recorded session.

If you multitask to another program, let’s say Safari or another app, recording is stopped. With that said, let’s move on.

This app is great for who?

If you are a:

  • teacher
  • creative mind
  • concept artist
  • person that likes visual planning
  • artist or doodler
  • want to make a image or photo gallery in video form
  • 3D artist wanting to plan scenes
  • storyboarding quickly, efficiently, effectively
  • short news blasts with photos or flyers

Its a very simple app and you can be creative in how you use it.

This is a great app. You can share on YouTube or just export to video then share wherever you want to.

The company is pretty friendly and welcoming and not shy or slow to respond to email.

OS: iOS Support Only


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