GameOver Zeus — the latest deadly computer virus.

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Being a computer programmer is sometimes like having magical powers. You can use the skills to help human kind or as the likes of Evgeniy Bogachev, create the world’s most horrible viruses.

GameOver Zeus and Crytolockers computer viruses were allegedly created by this Russian Programmer to attack computers and cause loses worth hundrends of millions. GameOver Zeus has been been described as “extremely sophisticated” by the FBI. It actually steals your cash and banking info. It has so far accumulated at least £60 million having affected 15,000 victims in the UK and a million more worldwide according to the US feds.

Let’s not panic for at least 10 days because the criminal gang’s
servers are currently not operational as they have been shut down. But the gang seems rich having stolen all that cash and it will definitely set up its servers again in some other region.

GameOver Zeus and Crytolockers are sort of linked but are seperate
forms of malware. When GameOver Zeus finds something likely to give it some decent return, it transmits that info back to the criminals
via a network. If otherwise(finds nothing too valuable), Crytolockers
encrypts your files and demands a ransom (about £300) so that you can have your data back.

The virus seem to affect only windows computers so the folks on Mac
and linux are likely to be safe. If your PC runs very slowly, or text
based chat window appear or the mouse moves erratically then chances are it has been infected.

To my fellow geeks — think you can protect yourselves against it?
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William Oneb

William Oneb is Java Programmer, Android Developer, Web Designer and is currently studying Objective C. He has developed at least 3 wordpress plugins/widgets. He is interested in iOS development too.

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  1. Steve Canela June 9, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    How is it spread?

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