An APP That Can Save the Lives of Heart Attack Victims

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A brand new app that can save lives has sprung out of the shadows. The app in question, PulsePoint, has in fact saved many lives already. Just recently a man from Portland Oregon escaped death because of it.


Drew Basse began having a heart attack and quickly sent out a distress call using the PulsePoint app. His savior Scott Brawner, who also uses the app, received a notification on his phone; a man nearby was in distress. Scott knew CPR and immediately went to the address marked on his phone. He called the paramedics and administered CPR until they arrived. If it wasn’t for the PulsePoint app, no one would have known that Drew was in trouble; he could have died.

The concept of the app is quite simple. Anyone who is having a heart attack can send out a distress signal, and people nearby who also use the app will get a notification to go and help. Many communities are seeing the benefit that this app can have and are moving towards acquiring it in the future, and while it does help to know CPR, it isn’t a necessity.

There is another app that compliments this one, and it’s called PulsePoint AED. This app shows the locations of the nearest AED’s (Automated External Defibrillator). If you have the app, you can take pictures of any AED’s that you find and their locations will then get added to the apps database. PulsePoint plans to build the largest database of AED locations in the United States.

If you’re thinking about whether your community could benefit from this app, look at the pros. First and foremost, the app gives heart attack victims a better chance of survival; a person using the app nearby might get there faster than the paramedics. Second, creating a nationwide database of AED locations could save thousands of lives. It’s unimaginable to think of how many lives a year could be saved if a needed AED was close by. Lastly, PulsePoint can also show a map with current locations of dispatched fire trucks and paramedics, as well as listen in on their radio frequencies. (Depends on your Community/city)

Overall, PulsePoint is a great idea and has huge potential. It has saved many lives, and will hopefully save even more in the future. Go ahead, download the app and talk to your local authorities about getting this system in place.

More information on PulsePoint here.


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