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It really bugs me that Microsoft couldn’t have put wildcard search in “Active Driectory Users and Computers” tool. How many times have you left a space in a name when pasting and it never finds what your looking for? So, Powershell to the rescue, again. By using Get-ADGroup and a filter “LIKE” we can now use a wildcard to help find things. Here I wanted to see what AD groups were laying around, not being used. What time to clean up an old mess?? Don’t tell anyone now.

Get-ADGroup -Filter {name -like "*SMS*"} | Select-Object Name
  • Get-ADGroup will pull all the group information from AD
  • -Filter helps narrow down our search
  • name is the field we are looking in.
  • -like and the * wildcards helps us look everywhere
  • Select-Object Name will limit our results to just the group name


David D Dorsett

Specialties: System Engineer • GMP Validation • Networking • Windows/Linux • SCCM • Powershell

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  1. Barry Jordan July 17, 2014 at 6:27 am

    Keeping your security groups in OUs is a best practice that you should employ to avoid this issue.

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