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EasyBeats 3

If you are a beginner or a seasoned pro with a drumachine, EasyBeats 3 will make you even better. I have tried many drum machines, but none quit gave me what I want. Sure you can tap-tap-tap and make noise, but EasyBeats and now EasyBeats 3 makes that noise into music!

I’ve talked to the dev (Christian Inkster) and he is awesome! Get on his twitter and tell him thanks! EasyBeats 3 is just off the chain awesome. Make your own sounds to play in your beats!

Check out on of my crazy beats a friend made up on a car ride from work by googling: kick you in yo headdd warreng edition

It was for fun, laugh at the topic, but enjoy the beat.

If you have not bought this, what are you waiting for. Also, it works with Audiobus. Which means you can record your pre-made beats in GarageBand and then lay down more tracks! It’s AWESOME!

This app is only for iOS and the dev says this app is not going to any other platform.


It is a new year. Smile, be happy and enjoy your life. Life is too short to worry it away.


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