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Chapters – Steven Romej

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This simple note taking app is for the geek, note taker, diary, idea jotter, ANYTHING with text.

I’ve tested more than a handful of text apps and NONE are efficient as Chapters. If you like to copy and paste code and log it in that app, in different ‘notebooks’ and it is searchable.

Even better? You can keep a notebook fill of awesome notes and email that entire notebook or individual pages as text or pdf.

This is a great app for:

  • writers
  • note takers (go green)
  • bloggers
  • teachers
  •  geeks
  • script writers
  • anyone who writes

All of my reviews were written and saved in it. So I use it more now to write on the go and email them directly from the app.

Also Steven, the Dev, he’s pretty cool. He listens and replies to all email.

Note: Do not shake your device with the current note open. I once was being careless walking and bumped the chair in mid notes and erased the email I was writing. Etch-a-sketch throwback.

I suggest this app for its simplicity to do just what it states. You can add photos form your camera if you like.


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