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AirServer allows you to mirror your iPad2 or higher to your PC screen.

Its that simple.  Why would you want to do that?  Say you are wanting to record your screen for screen recording.  Maybe a lesson on how to use a program or how to use certain features of iOS for a presentation.

This program solves the issue.  Another example could be you are in a class or meeting and everyone is using an iPad2 or higher device, why go stand at the podium when you can just click on AirServer and show your work, reports, sketches, ideas, etc, your input right there.

What’s better?  If the ‘boss’ is recording the presentation on screen, ANYONE who misses the meeting of class, it can be archived to view what was talked about and covered.

Not convinced, like I was at first, there’s a FREE TRIAL worth trying out.  I purchased it only 3 minutes after using it.
AirServer, efficient, useful, effective, affordable.
OS Supported: Windows and OSX


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