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Here are some Windows applications that I like. If you would like to recommend a piece of software you can write it in the comments.

CCleaner– this application allows you to clean temporary files, log files, crapware, and so on. You can also overwrite the hard drive and do some other cool things.

Defraggler– this defragments your hard drive and is much better than Windows Defragmenter.

Recuva– this allows you to recover deleted files as long as it has not been overwritten, in case you accidentally delete it.

Blender– this is a free and open source animation program.

GIMP– this is a free and open source GNU image manipulation program.

GeoGebera– this is a free math program that can help you with geometry and algebra (as the name suggests).

VLC media player– this is a free and open source audio and video editor, player, and converter.

Notepad++– this is a free and open source text and programming language editor, which supports many programming languages. It automatically shows syntax and built in functions.

VirtualBox– this allows you to virtualize operating systems on a computer. You can have multiple computers up at once with the only limitation is the hardware of the actual computer, like RAM and CPU and the computer most likely and unfortunately has a 5400 RPM hard drive L.

Speccy– this is a program that analyzes your computer and then tells you the specifications. This tells you more than you will ever need to know. Ever. It even shows the CPU temperature.


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