All My Tube Pro vs Trial Version review

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Wondershare has encapsulated an app which may take several apps to accomplish. All My Tube is available free of charge, but with free comes certain limitations, those of which I have discussed in an earlier post.

Wondershare offers a lifetime licensing fee of $29.00, which in my opinion is worth it. The trial version, if you don’t think you need to shell out a couple extra bucks, simply put, is another key on the board. There are many apps, that are also free, that provide a better service than All My Tube trial version. If you do decide to shell out the $29.00 licensing fee, you will not regret it.

Not only are the downloads faster, you can also take advantage of video conversions and most importantly, all done in one app. The only downside was not being able to concurrently download or convert videos. Even though, I have not come across another app which offers such an array of forms to convert to. You can specify a video to a specific device, (iOS and Android), and many popular, and unpopular formats including converting a video for your 3D TV.

All My Tube is worth the one time price by the amount of integration the app seems to bring. It would take many apps do what this one does. Now I’m curious of how their other programs run.


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