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Downloading Audio/Video with AllMyTube in Japan(about forty-five minutes outside Tokyo, Japan)

Are you an audio/video fanatic, or simply want to listen to Eli the computer guy on the go without the worry of buffering during peak broadband times? Well, thanks to the advent of modern application development, there is now a tool for us.

AllMyTube literally gives you three ways to download just about any video from a plethora websites depending on your location in the world. I am in Japan and there are some content providers that just do not have the authority in this region, thank the spaghetti monster that YouTube is not one of them!

The first method of downloading is a “Copy & Paste” functionality built-in to the app.

Secondly, we are provided with the ability to “Drag & Drop” the Universal Resource Locator into the application to commence downloading

Finally, my favorite, the app virtually embeds a “download” button next to every video and on every site visited enabling great convenience once the download decision has been made.

So, now that we have established just how stupid simply it is to download videos from just about any site. Why would we want or need to download video(s) when we live in a time where we are always connected to a surplus of networks that we call the Internet? In the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan, I have found that many buy “wifi only” mobile devices and some will supplement their device with a mobile broadband router (pocket wifi) converting the signal for the wifi device. What do folks buy in your area?
If you are interested in these “pocket wifi” devices, google, “pocket wifi”. Similarly, with mobile broadband devices, folks tend to purchase the “cheaper” data plans resulting in, yes you guessed it, buffering. Buffering can be extremely annoying! Sometimes, however, we download just because we can and want to!

We can even wirelessly transfer the Audio/Video files to our mobile devices! So, are you a audio/video fanatic or do you simply want to geek out to Eli the computer guy on the way to/from the office?
I think this is app works far better than many of the half assed download tools online today:


Aaron Whitcomb

I am a technology enthusiast that currently resides in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan as an independent language consultant with my wife of twelve years and who has traveled the world over with the U.S Navy while earning my Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Information Systems degree and absolutely adore all things tech and believe more folks should understand the devices in which consume so much of their hard earned cash; furthermore, it just tickles me to death when I have taught someone some useful new process or solution that improved the quality of their life. I watch Eli the computer guy most days, sometimes live, being inspired every day.

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