Some Android Apps I Would Like to Mention

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Here are some Android apps that I like or would just like to mention. With the exception of Wolfram Alpha, all of the following apps are free.

Wolfram Alpha– This is an app that is for solving math. It is like a search engine for knowledge. I find it helpful for solving calculus.

Samsung Power Sleep– This donates the processing power of your Android device while you are sleeping to calculate Similarity Matrix of Proteins to help medical research.

Doulingo– This app helps you learn new languages like German or Spanish through rather fun games.

Usemon– This app shows the CPU usage, RAM usage, battery usage, storage, internet activity.

Pi– This app uses your devices resources to calculate digits of by according to an algorithm. It can calculate pi to ten million digits, I recommend that you do not read them all J, then you can use how long it takes your device to calculate pi to a certain amount of digits as a measurement of efficient/powerful your device is. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is around thirty seconds for ten million digits.

Graph 89 Free– This app emulates the TI-89 calculator using a ROM either from a real TI-89 calculator or from the Texas Instruments website.

OfficeSuite– This is a good app that is similar to Microsoft Word, et cetera. There is a free version that does pretty much all that you need.

SnapPea– This app allows you to connect your Android device to your computer so you can monitor your Android device and manage it without needing to have it within reach. You can see your pictures and save them to your computer and send text messages from your computer. You can download apps onto an Android device from your computer from the Google Play Store, but you can uninstall them from SnapPea.

Current Circuit Builder– This app allows you to build circuits with resistors, capacitors, and so on. This is one of the best free ones I could find.

Bookshelf– I really like this app, (the website for the app called Bookshelf is, since there are several with the same name) but it a bit difficult to use until you get used to it. This allows you to inventory and organize by category all of the real, physical books (the kinds with paper pages that actually go on a bookshelf J ) you own. With a simple scan of the book’s barcode, all conceivable information about the book (title, author, publishing date, publisher, description, ISBN, etc.) is neatly stored for you bibliophiles.

Wondershare Player– This app allows you to synchronize downloaded YouTube videos with AllMyTube for easy offline access with the simple scan of a barcode on a computer monitor. AllMyTube is a piece of software (which I reviewed earlier). I like the Wondershare Player, but the ads are a bit annoying.


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