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How it works ?

If you have two drives for example “C:” and “D:” and you want to extend the size of “C:” , the idea is to delete “D:” and then add the volume of “D:”to the “C:” so be careful, if you have any data in the “D:” you should save it in another drive because it will be deleted.

How to do it ?

first you go to the configuration panel , then administrative tools, then computer management then click on storage, in the left of the window click on “storage” , down page will appear all the partition you have in your disk, what you need to do now is delete the partition next to the partition you want to extend for example if you have “C:” and next to it” D:” delete “D:” by right click in it and choose the “delete” option and then go to C: and right click then to choose the “extend volume” option a new window appear just click next and next, then what will happen is the size was taken by “D:” will be added to “C:” . Some times your PC will have more than 2 partition, it will be ordered like this “C:” next to it “D:” next to it “E:” if you delete “E:” you can’t add it size to “C:” you only can add it size to the “D:” remember you only can add the size of the partition next to it .


Ayoub Hitana

Ayoub Hitana is a computer science student at the Faculty of Science of Bizerte, Carthage University, Tunisia

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