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I was able to give Wondershare’s All My Tube a test run. At the initial download screen, there is an option checked that is easily overlooked. I had to re-download All My Tube to verify what it was I agreed to, no harm done. Besides the oversight, the download was quick and easy. All My Tube’s interface is simple and user friendly. It’s bonus is being able to download in many different file types and takes advantage of other online video sites other than Youtube. My experience navigating through the menus and options was a breeze, then I tested a download.

I chose a video of above average length. At default, 480p, the download was very slow. It took over 10 minutes to complete a download of a 25 minute video. For arguments sake, I compared it to Firefox’s Youtube download plugin. Although the highest quality I could choose was 720p. It took Firefox’s plugin less than half the time to complete the download. Only if the plugin would let me convert the video to the file of my choosing, this simple plugin would have All My Tube beat.

Unfortunately, I was only able to download the trial version of All My Tube and couldn’t take advantage of it’s converting options, but my assumption would be the same as downloading a video at default, maybe worse.

To sum up, All My Tube is pretty to look at but it doesn’t provide anything that I can’t get from somewhere else quicker, download and search wise. They do have other applications to go along with All My Tube. If you were looking to edit your patient video download, check out But their team is currently on vacation so if you have any questions you’ll be waiting longer than your download.


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