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For those of you who watch Eli’s Daily Blob regularly, you know that there were five free licenses for AllMyTube, a thirty-dollar piece of software, for writers for Geek Brain Dump who emailed that they could do a review. I received one of these licenses and have been experimenting around with the program. The program downloads YouTube videos and allows you to transfer them to other devices and convert the videos into other formats. With a thirty-dollar price tag, it may be worth the price knowing that you are not getting spyware/malware. After all, as Eli has ingrained in us, “you get what you pay for”. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about downloading YouTube content.

It was very easy to download YouTube videos. You could just go to the YouTube website for the video, copy the URL, and once in the program, push the “Paste URL” button. You could also use the browser extension or the little in program browser thing of which I am not the biggest fan. I do not know if it is three times as fast as in the free version as claimed. I like that you can change the video quality since the default quality is only 480p I recommend setting it to 720p for a bit better quality, but if you want to, you can set it all the way up to 2160p, though that is a bit overkill, but just a little.

I found converting videos to be rather easy as well, only I found it a bit curious that when converting files to optimize for a certain device, there was no Samsung Galaxy S5 nor Samsung Galaxy S4, but I am sure that the S3 would be good enough. I like that you can convert the videos into audio only to save space if you want or just into another format.

Using the app to connect with a computer is quite easy; just scan the QR code on the screen with the app, and the two devices will be connected. The app is required in order to transfer files. Then all it takes to transfer the file is pressing the transfer button on a particular video and it atomically starts to transfer the file right to the device. The file will then be on the device, and you can watch it anywhere.

Overall, I really like AllMyTube, and it is easy to use. I wonder though, as Eli did, “Doesn’t this violate the YouTube terms of service?”, but I like it anyway.


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