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What is troubleshooting ?

Troubleshooting is a method to check the connexion between devices, to check the connection between your pc and print, scanner or modem.
How to troubleshoot ?

Basically we use three command for troubleshooting wich are the “netstat” (Network Statics) command and the “ping” command and the “tracert” (Trace Route) command those command are used in the command line interface.
First you should open the prompt command execute as administer and type :

Netstat :
“netstat” this command will show you your network configuration and activity.

Ping :
The ping command is so powerfull, it works for windows and linux , what this command do is sending request to the device you want to check if connection with your pc and receive them if it didn’t receive it , that’s mean there is no connection between the two device
PS: in Windows the ping command will sent 4 request and stop, in Linux it will not stop, it will just keep pinging, to stop it click “CTRL+C”( if you use Virtual Box to run Linux, use the left “CTRL” button)

Tracert :
This command will display all the routers and IP address that the data goes all the way from the source to your pc.


Ayoub Hitana

Ayoub Hitana is a computer science student at the Faculty of Science of Bizerte, Carthage University, Tunisia

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