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What is DNS ?

DNS is Domain Name Service, what DNS does is map the domain name to the IP address.

How to hack DNS ?

First you need to open a NotePad file, be sure to execute it as administrator, then browse to the c: then windows folder then system32 folder then drivers folder the etc and finally open the host file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc).
What you need to do now is type the IP you want your victim to go to in stead of the original web site adress and then the name of the web site that you want to redirect. you shoul write it twice the same ip with web site name and the same ip adress with the full name with www because it’s not the same for your pc.

For exemple if you want to redirect to the local host: websitename.com www.websitename.com


Ayoub Hitana

Ayoub Hitana is a computer science student at the Faculty of Science of Bizerte, Carthage University, Tunisia

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