What to do with an Old Computer

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An old computer can just be sitting in a corner covered in dust, doing absolutely nothing productive. Instead of throwing it away, what should you do with it? You should reuse it; you have nothing to lose but an hour or two, just be completely sure you do not need the computer for anything else. No, do not mine Bitcoin.

  • You can turn it into a Linux server. The Linux server operating system is low in resource consumption; even an old computer can run it. Linux is free and is open source. You can learn a lot about Linux and server administration by making a Linux server. You can even use is as a file server. Just click the download button on a Linux distribution website, like Ubuntu, and then install from a CD.
  • Donate the processing power. Just google ‘donate processing power’. You will get plenty of results. You can just download the file from a reliable source like an .org site. Now you can donate your processor power.
  • Donate the whole computer. Just make sure that all of the private files have been permanently deleted by overwriting the drive with a piece of software. I personally like ccleaner from Piriform. Just make sure that you will never need any of the files on the computer. Then make sure again.
  • Test things that you would not risk doing on a new computer like messing with the Windows registry with regedit.exe. You could also mess around with the Windows directory, but you could easily ruin the computer.

Have fun!


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