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Implementation of technology infrastructure is one aspect of running a business that can draw huge budgetary allocation even for large organizations. The truth of the matter is technology is expensive and keeps on changing so that what is considered hi-tech today might look very outdated tomorrow. Not many organizations will have a budgetary zeal to keep up with the ever changing requirement for update and newer technology. Some technology needs such as email communication, document processing and document sharing are core requirement in today business world.

Cloud computing comes with more benefits and diverse applications that can be integrated seamlessly both in small and large enterprises. Google Apps for business takes this further to offer an array of business applications that can steer any business to valuable growth. Document sharing, business communication, event scheduling and project collaboration are some of the useful technologies that any business will strive to achieve for its growth. These technologies come at a cost and are challenge to many organizations however, Google Apps for business can offer more of these technologies at a pocket-friendly budget for many businesses.

Google provides independently customizable products under the name Google Apps. These include web applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Groups, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Chrome, Google Talk, Google Slides and many other applications that can be deployed via cloud. For most budget-strained organizations, Google Apps for business is a value added service. With only US$5 per user account, one can utilize Google Apps for business for a month or as low as US$50 per year. Moreover, you can use Google Apps for business free for 30 days while Google Apps for Education is free.

Google Apps for Business are tailored for every business need, from small scale businesses to large enterprises. Many businesses will find more value in Google Apps due to the many benefits that can be achieved through their use such as storage, security and customization. Google Apps for Business can be customized for every business need and be integrated into already existing technologies. For example, an organization seeking to maintain its unique business look and feel can tailor Google Apps to fit into such business concerns.

Google Apps for Business can be integrated into business functions so that a business does not need to carry out a total overhaul it its business IT structures. Administrators, for example, can connect Google Apps to their already existing authentication systems or user directories. Google Apps can also be implemented alongside other existing services such as email solutions so that an organization can operate on optimized platforms which can lead to accelerated growth. For many organizations that cannot afford an IT department, Google Apps for Business should be a better option.

Organizations can take advantage of security provided in Google Apps for business to enhance their own organization’s security policy. Many applications provided in Google Apps for Business are padded with security features such as spam filtering, information-sharing rules, outbound mail filtering, archiving options, passwords requirement etc. which can enhance organizations’ security mechanisms. User mobility and application portability is also provided through cloud deployed applications. Users can share docs and collaborate anywhere, anytime with added flexibility.


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  1. Kevin July 25, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    I am going to start a trial, but I have been wanting a comparison of Office 365 and Google Apps. I am a Mac user and hating the fact the Microsoft applications on the mac still does not talk to the office 365 Onedrive Business. I want to look at moving but I would like to read or watch a good comparison of the two head to head with out it being more of trying to sell me a service.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Jimmy Simpson III July 26, 2014 at 8:29 am

    Drive has come even further since I’ve wrote this review. It can do in place native work on MS format docs. As a Mac and Windows and Linux user, I love having the exact same productivity suite where ever I am sitting.

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