Raspberry Pi vs. Arduino: Which should I get?

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Raspberry Pis and Arduinos are the same thing, right? Wrong. An Arduino is used for electronics using resistors, capacitors, and diodes while a Raspberry Pi is just a cheaper version of the computer on which I am typing this. You can install an operating system on a Raspberry Pi as long as the operating system is not resource intensive; preferably, the operating system was made for the Raspberry Pi. There are two Raspberry Pi models: A and B. The Raspberry Pi Model B has 512 MB of RAM and a weak processor so that a heat sink is not necessary. Raspberry Pi is less oriented on circuits than the Arduino, but it can power some electronics. The main point of the Raspberry Pi is to be a cheap computer. The Raspberry Pi website is RaspberryPi.org.

Arduino is open source and can be programmed to do some cool things by plugging it into a computer and typing in the code and uploading it to the Arduino. To start working with an Arduino, I suggest getting  The Arduino Starter Kit. The Arduino Uno R3 is not intended to have an operating system installed except for the one it comes with and is for projects with wires and a breadboard. One of my favorite projects with the Arduino is making floppy drives play music by moving the head that is used to read and write to create certain tones by sending electricity through certain pins just as a computer trying to read from the floppy drive would, except you aren’t reading from the floppy drive, hopefully. The Arduino is mainly intended for electronics and is not a computer. The Arduino website is Arduino.cc.


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