Desktop PC with 5400rpm drive in 2014 – WTF !

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I recently purchased 12 x Intel i3 Business Desktop PCs that were advertised online with a major UK online reseller as having 320gb SATA HDD.

Upon receipt, I took a look inside and was astonished to find a Western Digital WD3200BPVT 5400 rpm SATA drive.

I complained to the reseller who in turn passed my gripe to the system builder who basically replied with the following from WD

“It depends on what the customer is looking for but rotational speed is only one spec and is becoming less and less relevant in determining the true read/write speed of a hard drive.

It used to be the key factor many years ago but not today. The performance difference depends on a host of things. S-ATA II vs S-ATA III; and other components in the device.

performance  is a trade-off between RPM and aerial data density as well. WD drives with Advanced format technology have about 10% more aerial density than non – advanced format drives.

Basically, rpm doesn’t mean everything. It’s like buying a cpu based solely on its clock speed.”

Personally, I feel a little cheated – in 2014 I expect a 7200rpm drive. I’m not going to get anywhere with my complaint, I can stop using them as a supplier but I guess the morale of the story is Caveat emptor – Let the buyer beware……

I wonder what Eli would say !


John R

John Reidy is an IT Manager for a Transport & Logistics Group of Companies in the UK. John’s background is in Network support and design for the Ministry of Defence, commercial premises, Ports and Sea going vessels serving the European Ferry industry. A BICSI trained and qualified Technician and promoter of the methodology for optimised best of breed information transport systems he designs LAN/WAN solutions together with hosted and on premise Telephony PBX solutions. John currently supports 190 users over 8 companies throughout the UK and Middle East supporting all aspects of the business associated technology and infrastructure on a 24/7 basis.

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