Introduction to dynamic DNS

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To understand Dynamic DNS(often referred to as DDNS) you first need to know what DNS is. DNS stands for domain name resolution protocol which is a service that resolves domain names to IP addresses. Eli has a good video explaining DNS here

Your Internet may have a Dynamic iP address not a static IP (which means your IP address is the same all the time) which will mean every now and then your public IP address will change. (Please note this is different than your local IP which is the IP address of your computer on the local network)

What Dynamic DNS does is at a certain interval it updates your dynamic DNS provider with your current DNS settings. This can be useful because it can allow you to find your network from the internet.

Some things that this can be used for are:

  • Remote Access
  • Hosting your own emails
  • Hosting your own website or server
  • Creating VPN networks

There are many providers of dynamic DNS and some DDNS services are actually free to use (often with some limitations) so you can create an account and try them or use them permanently.


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